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Ultimaker Adhesion Sheets

All 3D printing projects are built from many layers of printed material - and the first layer is the most important. Proper bed adhesion is vital to a successful print and these easy to apply sheets provide enhanced adhesion over the standard glass bed of the Ultimaker. Also included is an applicator card to ensure the adhesion sheets are applied without any bubbles between them and the glass bed.

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Make it stick!

Getting the first layer right is vital to a successful 3D printing experience. Some materials feature easier bed adhesion than others, and materials like Polypropylene will need some extra help beyond a glue stick. These adhesion sheets are easy to apply, offer much greater first-layer adhesion than base glass and will stay strong for many prints. Also included is a scraping tool for adhesion sheet application without any air bubbles.

Technical Specifications

  • Machine compatibility:
    • Ultimaker 2
    • Ultimaker 2 Extended
    • Ultimaker 2 +
    • Ultimaker 2 Extended +
    • Ultimaker 3
    • Ultimaker 3 Extended
  • Package contents: 25 Adhesion sheets & applicator

Also, these adhesion sheets are included with any of the Advanced 3D Printing Kits also available right here on

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