Ultimaker Print Core Cleaning Filament

Keeping a clean print core for your Ultimaker 3 is vital to your success, and here is a filament specifically designed for performing hot and cold pulls to remove any unwanted debris from inside the print core. This filament is compatible with both sizes and styles of Ultimaker 3 Print Cores.

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Keep your print cores clean!

Having a clean print core is essential when operating the Ultimaker 3 3D printer. The best method for cleaning is utilizing both hot and cold pulls of the hotend. This cleaning filament is perfect for collecting all the debris that may be hiding in the print core and it's clear color makes it easy to see when material is being removed and when the print core is completely clean.

How to use the cleaning filament

The Ultimaker 3 has a Print Core cleaning procedure built into the firmware and can be access through the System -> Maintenance -> Print Core Cleaning path. The machine will guide you through the process, but here is the procedure:

  • Unload any filament in the Print Core
  • Remove the bowden tube from the toolhead
  • When the Print Core is heated, insert the cleaning filament until you feel resistance. Apply pressure for a few seconds to ensure it's firmly seated in the hotend
  • With a quick motion, pull the filament back up out of the print core - any debris inside the nozzle will be attached to the end

Repeat this process until the filament comes out of the print core clean and you are ready to get back to printing. This process can be completed with the Print Core either hot or cold.

For a more detailed walkthrough on how to keep your 3D printer nozzles clean, read our Unclogging a 3D Printer Nozzle article.

Examples of Cleaning Filament after hot pulls. You can see the nozzle becoming cleaner and ultimately debris-free in the rightmost example.

Package Contents

  • 10 Pieces of Print Core Cleaning Filament
  • Each piece is ~200mm long


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