UltiMaker UltiMaker Print Core HT - 0.60mm


UltiMaker Print Core HT 0.6mm is designed for use with high-temperature composite materials.

Featuring a quick-swap design and an EEPROM chip, UltiMaker print cores are highly convenient. The HT 0.6 print core is perfect for printing durable and temperature-resistant materials at temperatures up to 340°C.

Please note: The HT Print Core is ONLY compatible with the UltiMaker Factor 4.

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Product No. M-PQS-Y57P

Bringing the best materials to the UltiMaker family

UltiMaker has established themselves as reliable, easy to use family of 3D Printers. Whatever you are looking to create, weather it be mid-sized prints on the S3 or large format prints on the Factor 4. All of their models feature AA and BB Print Cores with brass nozzles - great for standard materials like PLA, ABS, PETG, and more. But for abrasive materials like  NylonXNylonG, Glow in the Dark PLA, and other composites, you need an abrasive resistant nozzle and the UltiMaker Print Core HT for the UltiMaker Factor 4 - featuring a 2.85mm Tool steel nozzle with TiN coating gets you there without a bump in the road.

The Ultimate Hardened Nozzle

The nozzle used in the HT Core nozzle isn't just any printer nozzle - it's the advanced material, tool steel nozzle with a titanium nitride coating for vastly improved wear-reduction. This creates the ideal setup for thermal transfer and abrasion resistance, and the HT Core is therefore perfect for extruding glass and carbon fiber nylon filament like NylonX and NylonG.

Create strong parts fast with the HT Print Core

Pick the Perfect Print Core for Your Application

UltiMaker now offers five different print cores to suit any project:

  • Build Core - Prints most standard materials
    • 0.25mm - Perfect for small or highly detailed parts
    • 0.40mm - The standard print core, an excellent baseline for general printing
    • 0.80 mm - A large nozzle, perfect for printing large parts with extra-wide extrusions
  • Support Core - Prints PVA support material
  • CC Core - Prints Composites and abrasives
    • 0.40mm CC Core - Excellent baseline for general printing with advanced materials
    • 0.60mm CC Core - A large nozzle, perfect for printing large parts out of advanced materials

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