Vaquform Vaquform Forming Sheets VFlex - 10 Pack - 2.00mm

1.00mm, 1.50mm, and 2.00mm thick VFlex Sheets designed for use on the Vaquform DT2 Digital Vacuum Former. This elastic thermoformable mold material is designed to be used as an alternative to silicone.

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VFlex is an elastic thermoformable mold material meant to be used as an alternative to silicon. These sheets enable creators to make molds in minutes instead of hours.

  • Food and medical grade
  • Dimensions are perfectly fitted for the Vaquform DT2 Digital Vacuum Former to avoid any leaking while vacuuming.

Simply place the sheet in the work area of your Vaquform, select your heating profile from the menu, press start and wait for the vacuum to switch on, and once its on simply lower the handlebar to begin vacuum forming. It's that simple!


Is VFlex A Thermo-set or a Thermo-plastic sheet?

  • VFlex sheets are Thermoplastics - they become pliable and formable at 105°C. When reheated again, this material will return back to its original plastic state. Among the available thermoplastic sheets from Vaquform, only HIPS can be pulled back into the original flat sheet form which allows it to be reused. VFlex does not have the same wide elastic window that HIPS thermoforming sheet have, thus, while it does not permanently set in shape, one cannot restore it to its original flat shape using the Vaquform.

Is VFlex ESD-safe?

  • VFlex is not ESD-Safe. There is static build-up as a result of the thermoforming process.

Material Specs:

Forming Temperature: 105°C

Color: Clear

Available sizes: 1.00mm, 1.50mm, 2.00mm


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