Pitsco Vehicle Engineering Curriculum Bundle by Pitsco

This set of curriculum created by Pitsco contains 15 hours of curriculum designed to introduce students (and teachers) to 3D printing technology. This bundle includes all of the curriculum and supplies you will need (excluding a 3D printer and filament).

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Vehicle Engineering includes 15 hours of curriculum designed to introduce students (and teachers) to 3D printing technology. They begin by learning engineering and rapid prototype processes and seeing how the 3-D printer operates. Then, they work in teams to design their own battery-operated cars, using the 3-D printer to make parts to construct their vehicles. Finally, they see the results of their work on race day.

Written by an engineer, this classroom activity was developed to address several Next Generation Science Standards, specifically the Grades 6-9 Engineering Design performance expectations. Aside from helping instructors meet standards, the activity helps students experience real-world conditions such as peer review and working within a budget.

This package provides all the parts needed to create 50 battery-operated cars; however, some parts can be made with the 3-D printer to save money in the student’s budget. Includes wheels, axles, chassis, battery holders, batteries, motors, and other necessary components and hardware. The teacher’s guide, DVD, five Competition Catalogs, student Engineering Notebooks, and drill assemblies for cleaning axle holes complete this package. Designed for use with any 3D printer.

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