Vision Miner Vision Miner Nano Polymer Adhesive - 50ml

Proper bed adhesion is a must when printing parts for production use and failure is not an option, so many adhesives exist to help parts stick consistently throughout an entire print. This need is even greater when printing high temperature and high cost materials like PEEK and PEI, so Vision Miner has created the Nano Polymer Adhesive specifically for use with those materials. A perfect product to have on hand for every FunMat HT user printing with these materials.

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High Performance Adhesion for High Performance Materials

There are a lot of different materials available for use in additive manufacturing today, and as a result there are a multitude of bed surfaces and adhesion products to enable consistent printing performance with any machine and material combination. For high temperature materials like PEEK and PEI on a printer like the Intamsys FunMat HT, this Nano Polymer Adhesive from Vision Miner is the best choice. Designed from the molecule up specifically for use in that workflow, poor bed adhesion will not be a problem with these high performance materials any longer!

Easy Application and Cleanup

The Nano Polymer Adhesive is a semi-viscious liquid that can be applied easily to the required area of your build plate using the included brush. Simply apply some glue from the pen-style applicator on the bottle and spread it evenly around your print area. For high temperature materials like PEEK and PEI, it's recommended to re-apply the glue after every print for maximum adhesion. While the Nano Polymer Adhesive was designed for engineering grade materials, it's also compatible with more general use materials like PLA, ABS, and PETG.

What's in the bag?

  • One bottle of Nano Polymer Adhesive - 50ML / 120ML
  • Applicator brush
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