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The Voron Tap Kit is an upgraded Z-probe sensor for the Voron 2.4R2 and Voron Trident, providing a precision of 0.4 μm, compatibility with any build surface, safe operation at up to 100°C, protection from minor crashes, and more. The kit includes an OptoTap PCB V2 sensor and hardware. Printed parts not included. See requirements in product description.

  • Precision of 0.4 m
  • Compatible with any build surface
  • No high-temp wear over time
  • Crash protection
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The Voron Tap Kit upgrade is an alternate Z-probe sensor method for the Voron 2.4R2 and Voron Trident. Using a rail, magnets, and sensor, the entire toolhead moves to trigger an optical switch.

Key Features of the Voron Tap Kit:

  • Can measure your Z position with a precision of 0.4 μm (0.0004mm)
  • Compatible with any build surface, minimizing need to recalibrate after changing nozzles or build plates
  • Safely operates at up to 100°C and will not degrade over time like a contact switch or inductive probe
  • Uses a single ‘activate_gcode’ macro in the [probe] config to provide consistent probing temperatures
  • Breaks away on extreme crashes, saving you from hidden breakage elsewhere
  • The nozzle and bed are protected from minor crashes
  • No need for a separate Z endstop

Compatibility Requirements

Please Ensure Your Voron 2.4R2 / Voron Trident meet the following requirements:

  • Fix known mechanical issues on your printer BEFORE attempting Tap
  • Have a MGN12 based X-Axis
    • (MGN9 based X-axis is NOT compatible)
  • Use ClockWork2 (CW2) Style Mounted Extruder
    • Will NOT work with ClockWork1 (CW1)
    • Mounts for LGX and Galileo are available
  • Bed Mount must be secured
Voron TAP Toolhead Cad Recreation

*For additional context and notes, see Page 9 of the Voron Design Tap Upgrade Assembly Manual.

What's Included with the Voron Tap Kit?

1 x OptoTap PCB V2 Sensor
1 x 50mm MGN9 Rail
1 x MGN-9H Carriage
2 x 6mm x 3mm Magnet
1 x Resistor Wire Harness for 24V
11 x Brass M3 Heatset Insert
1 x M3 Hex Nut
6 x M3 Washers
2 x M3 x 20 SHCS
2 x M3 x 16 SHCS
1 x M3 x 12 SHCS
3 x M3 x 8 SHCS
1 x M3 x 6 SHCS
2 x M3 x 6 FHCS
2 x M3 x 10 BHCS
10 x M3 x 6 BHCS

Note: Printed Parts are NOT included in this kit. The link to print the STL's is in the Additional Resources section below.

Additional Resources

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Return Policy

Please note that returns are not accepted on opened kits. Only new, unopened kits may be returned within 30 days of purchase. If a part from the kit is determined to be defective or missing during the warranty period, a replacement part or store credit of equal cost to the defective/missing unit will be provided.

If there is a problem with the packaging or damage during shipment, please return the product immediately. Otherwise, a return will not be offered after assembly.

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