xTool xTool D1 Pro / D1 Air Assist Set

Clean up and smooth out your cuts and tidy your workspace with the xTool Air Assist for the D1 and D1 Pro. By continuously moving away the hot smoke that's a bi-product of laser cutting materials, the Air Assist improves the laser's access to the cutting medium, resulting in more consistent, cleaner cuts. Further, it reduces the ambient temperature of the air surrounding the xTool, which protects the laser tool head, extending its life. Finally, the Air Assist keeps your working environment smoke-free, making for a more pleasant working environment, whether in the shop, home or classroom.

Key features of the xTool D1 Pro / D1 Air Assist Set:

Improved cut quality through enhanced laser-material interaction
Increased longevity of the laser tool head due to cooler operating conditions
A cleaner and more comfortable workspace free from smoke

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Product No. M-QC8-RVUV

Enhance your cutting precision and maintain a neat workspace using the xTool Air Assist, compatible with both the D1 and D1 Pro models. This device actively disperses the heat-intensive smoke generated during the laser cutting process, thus facilitating better contact between the laser and the material for more uniform and neater cuts. Additionally, it helps to lower the surrounding air temperature, safeguarding the laser tool head and prolonging its operational lifespan. The Air Assist also ensures a smokeless working area, contributing to a more agreeable atmosphere whether you're in a professional shop, a home setting, or an educational environment.

What is Included in the xTool D1 Pro / D1 Air Assist Set?

  • Air Pump
  • Air Pump Connector
  • Nozzle Connector
  • Tube - 2 meters
  • Connection Tube
  • Hex Key
  • Cotton Filter
  • D1 Adapter Kit:
    • Metal Nozzle
    • Fastening Screw
    • Tube Clamp
    • xTool D1 Light Shield

What Are the Technical Specifications of the xTool D1 Pro / D1 Air Assist Set?

  • Air Flow: 25 - 30L / min
  • Air Pressure: 30 kpa
  • Power:
    • Output: 17w
    • Input: 110V / 220V - 230V
  • Product Size: 120mm x 128mm x 62mm (4.7" x 5" x 2.4")
  • Product Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Box Size: 265mm x 192mm x 156mm (10.4" x 7.6" x 6.1")
  • Box Weight: 4 lbs

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