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E3D the Kraken All-metal Quad Extruder Full Kit 1.75mm

The Kraken is a beast of an extruder and is meant to be enjoyed by experienced makers who aren't afraid to experiment. This advanced extruder features the ability to extrude 4 different filaments at the same time! Say goodbye to your puny dual extruder and hello to the future (aka the Kraken).

We are proud to be the U.S. authorized distributor for E3D.

List Price: $195.00
Product No. M-G5T-UV3W

The Kraken is a quad extruder capable of handling 4 filaments at the same time. This beastly extruder is multi-nozzled, cooled by water and bowden fed. Each of the 4 filaments can be extruded at different temperatures meaning the possibilities are endless!

The Kraken is water cooled yet very compact so it is able to be used in a heated chamber. You can customize and adjust the nozzles height and they can be set so that they are fully planar to the bed. The Kraken is a mighty beast in a compact package (the device measures 40mmx35mm in footprint).

The Kraken is modeled after the wildly successful E3D V5 Hotends meaning you can expect reliability and jam free prints. Since this is an all metal hotend, you can print in every material including Polycarbonate. Currently the Kraken is only available in the 1.75mm size. The unit comes with 4x 0.4mm nozzles. Alternatively, we also sell all the replacement nozzles you could want for your E3D hotend.

This quad extruder is priced below comparable dual extruders because the fine folks at E3D want to get as many people as possible to start printing with 4 filaments at once!

Since we are an authorized U.S. reseller for E3D we stock and ship all E3D Hotends and nozzles. Units will be shipped same day if ordered before 1:00PM PST Monday-Friday.

This kit has everything you need including all 4 nozzles as well as all the electronics such as heater cartridges and thermistors. Additionally we include a water pump with tubing. This kit does not come with a reservoir for the water but those are very easy to come by as all you need is any kind of waterproof container. There is no need to have a radiator.

Please note that the Kraken is highly experimental and is being released as a Beta version. That means it works but you should be prepared to tinker and make adjustments as needed. There is currently a vast community of Kraken users and developers who are working on and developing the software and support for the Kraken. Currently the Kraken does not work with MatterControl but hopefully it will in the future!

Component Weights:

Heat Break: 3.25g
Barbs: 2g
Cooler Block: 59g
Heater Block: 7g

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