E3D Titan Universal Extruder

The E3D Titan is a lightweight, affordable, high performance extruder compatible with 1.75mm and 3.00mm filament. It has a 3:1 gear ratio and precision milled hobbed gearing, allowing it to push with incredible power while keeping it lightweight and compact. The Titan also has an idler force indicator scale, allowing users to set their idler tension to a known setpoint.

  • 3:1 gear ratio
  • compatible with 1.75mm and 3mm filament
  • universal NEMA17 mounting
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The E3D Titan is an extremely lightweight, affordable, high performance extruder compatible with both 1.75mm and 3.00mm filament, and can be easily mounted on a wide range of printers due to its Universal NEMA17 mounting.

3:1 Gear Ratio


The Titan is engineered with 3:1 gear reduction and precision milled hobbed gearing, allowing the Titan to push with incredible power while keeping it lightweight and compact. Because of the gear ratio, less torque is needed to create the same filament pushing force found in other extruders, which results in the ability to use lighter motors. Lighter motors means less weight on your direct drive moving carriage! Alternatively, your bowden set-up becomes more powerful and reliable with the Titan extruding filament into your PTFE tubing.


Other extruders often have trouble with quick retracts due to their higher gear ratios, and can also struggle to keep up with the E3D Volcano for big, fast printing. Titan's balanced 3:1 gear ratio has no problem coping with fast, high flow extrusion systems like the E3D Volcano, and the lightweight gear set ensures responsive, snappy retractions.


Say goodbye to the pulsing and wavy surface finishes that direct drive extruders have issues with when printing at low layer heights. Titan's 3:1 gearing can triple the resolution of your system and ensure your machine is printing smoothly at the lowest of layer heights, and with the smallest of nozzles.

Universal Compatibility

All Materials

If you've read our Extruder Guide , you know that printing with flexible filament isn't as clear-cut as direct vs bowden. What truly matters is what the Titan offers: a fully constrained filament path from the idler to the hot end. This allows flexible filament to be guided at all times, with no room to buckle and eventually jam your print.

The Titan grips even the slipperiest of Nylons with CNC machined individually cut filament drive teeth, and has no problem with high density metal/carbon filled filaments with the combination of its grip and torque.

Most importantly, the Titan is "one size fits all", and is universally compatible with both 1.75mm and 3mm filament.

Adaptable Mounting

The Titan has universal NEMA17 mounting, making it compatible with a wide range of printers, and simple to design mounting solutions for. It's adaptable mounting makes the Titan compatible for all configurations on bowden and direct drive extrusion. To use the Titan with bowden extrusion, you simply insert a bowden adapter into the body instead of a hot end. (Bowden adapters sold separately as an add-on)

Easy to Use


The idler's tension is easily adjustable and allows you to use any filament available, no matter the size or material. The Titan also has an idler force indicator scale, allowing users to set their idler tension to a known setpoint. Once you know what idler force you like for each of your filaments, you'll be able to repeat that setting in the future!


E3D designed the Titan with a clear intention to make it easily accessible and maintained by the user. The teeth of the drive gear were shaped specifically to naturally flake off any filament caught during extrusion, and any debris can brushed away without opening up the extruder. If disassembly is needed, the Titan can be stripped down in one minute with just an allen wrench, and reassembled just as quickly.

What's in the Box?

  • 5 injection molded parts: delrin body, polycarbonate lid, 2 x filament guides, idler lever.

  • Fixing kit - Universal (includes additional set of longer screws for mounting to up to 5mm panel)

  • Hobb and gear, pre-assembled

  • Small pinion gear (metal) and grub screw

  • Allen keys x 3

  • 100mm 1.75mm PTFE

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