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Polystroooder Tri Hotend All-Metal Three Nozzle - 1.75mm

The PolyStroooder Tri Hotend is three separate hotends all rolled into one! This three nozzled all-metal bowden hotend is capable of printing materials that melt under 300 degrees Celsius, including nylon and polycarbonate.

Explore new technologies that are only available with the Tri Hotend, like a Titanium alloy thermal isolator, as well as Tungsten Disulphide, which is used in certain areas of the hotend to prevent blockage.

Product No. M-5G5-1KJE
List Price: $225.00

Expand the capability of your 3D printer with the Polystroooder Tri Hotend! You can print in nearly every material, including ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PVA, and anything else that melts under 300 degrees Celsius. The Tri Hotend prints 1.75mm filament which feeds into each of the three nozzles by a PTFE bowden tube. The bowden tube provides less friction, which will make your print temps more accurate during extrusion. 

The PTFE bowden tubes are threaded directly into the heat sink and end at the top of the thermal isolator. There are no PTC connectors to break or wear out, which is a common problem for other hotends. The threads hold the bowden tube in place rigidly to prevent backlash during retractions. 

The Tri Hotend is armed with a Titanium Alloy thermal isolator - this permits a thermal performance that is 250% better than regular stainless steel. Combine this feature with the enhanced Tungsten Disulphide in certain areas to prevent jamming, and you've got one smooth hotend!

Tech Specs:

  • Melt volume: ~50 cubic millimeters 
  • Melt length: ~17 millimeters 
  • Thermal transition length: ~3 millimeters 
  • Maximum operational temperature: 300 degrees Celsius continuous 
  • Heater block mass: 5.8 grams 
  • Nozzle mass: 2.4 grams 
  • Total hot thermal mass: 5.83 joules/degree Celsius 
  • Approximate heat up time: 90 seconds to 260 degrees Celsius 

You'll need to print your own 3D Mount. Download here!

What's in the Box?

  • 1 Tri heatsink 
  • 3 Circular heater blocks 
  • 3 Titanium alloy thermal isolators (WS2 coated) 
  • 3 0.35mm M6 brass nozzles (WS2 coated) 
  • 1 6 foot long 2mmIDx4mmOD PTFE bowden tube (cut to size) 
  • 3 12v 40 watt 6mm heater cartridges 
  • 3 104GT-2 Semitec thermistors 
  • 1 12 inch uncut glass fiber sleeve (for thermistor connections) 
  • 7 crimp tubes (for thermistor connections) 
  • 6 short zip ties (for wire management) 
  • ~20 feet of uncut electrical wiring for thermistor connections 
  • 1 40mm 12 volt fan 
  • 6 M4 set screws 
  • 3 M3 short hex head screws (for the thermistors) 
  • 2 M3 long hex head screws (for the fan) 
  • 1 small hex wrench for the included screws 
  • Printed instructions and important information 

Please be aware that if your 3d printer's electronic control board does not have enough outputs for three hotends, you will not be able to use all three nozzles. Please check this as your board may only have support for one hotend! 

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