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E3D the Cyclops - Switching HotEnd

This experimental dual extrusion nozzle has got the 3D printing world excited by its potential possibilities! This 2 in 1 out extruder takes two materials in and prints through one nozzle, alternating between the different filaments.

Product No. M26T4AAW
List Price: $129.00

The cyclops is a new and experimental way of printing two materials at once that has never been seen in the 3D printing industry. This unique system will prevent oozing, which can be a tough issue to eradicate with dual extrusion. 

Although the Cyclops is a work in the making, this nozzle still prints with accuracy at different levels and different filaments. Like all E3D products, this extruder is a high performance, easy to use nozzle that won't weigh down your machine. 

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