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New Agorist Tap Handle Design Challenge

Sponsored by MatterHackers

MatterHackers, New Agorist, and Ultimaker are sponsoring the Tap Handle Challenge


Welcome to the New Agorist Tap Handle Design Challenge - Sponsored by MatterHackers.

Tap Handle Example #1
Tap Handle Example #2

Design Submissions Accepted
between May 10th and July 18th, 2018

Design Guidelines


  • 7" to 9" tall
  • 2" to 3" wide
  • 8mm diameter, 30mm deep hole in base for hanger bolt

Required Design Elements:

  • Comprised of triangles
  • Utilizes New Agorists logo in a 3D dimensional way (like a Tetrahedron).
  • Contains slots to slip in interchangeable cards to denote the style of beer. Can be any size or shape. Cards should be visible from the front and back of the handle (Customer side and bartender side).
  • Color does not matter. However, they will eventually be printed in variations of black, white and gold.
  • Extra points if the design can be "see through".
  • Must be structurally sound for everyday use.
  • Extra points for designs that conserve filament and printing time.

The Winning Designer must also be available to work with New Agorist on the final design pending any changes needed to the entry.


First Prize

From MatterHackers:

  • Ultimaker 2+ Extended

From New Agorist:

  • wall-mounted tap handle
  • merchandise package including:
    • sweatshirt
    • t-shirt
    • hat
    • special edition beer mug
  • a feature on the New Agorist blog and in various social media posts

Second Prize

From MatterHackers:

  • MatterHackers Pulse 3D Printer

From New Agorist:

  • t-shirt
  • hat
  • special edition beer mug
  • a mention on the New Agorist blog and on social media

Third Prize

$200 Gift Card

From MatterHackers:

  • MatterHackers $200 Gift Card

From New Agorist:

  • t-shirt
  • special edition beer mug
  • a mention on the New Agorist blog and on social media

Rules & Regulations

  • There is no fee to enter the competition.
  • One Design Challenge entry per person.
  • All ages may enter, but entrants under the age of 21 will not be eligible to win the New Agorist gift card or New Agorist merchandise.
  • Having fun is manadatory!
  • All entries considered for the challenge MUST be physically printed by the entrant.
  • On the entry form, you will need to send us the digital file, along with a picture of the printed tap handle.
  • Winners DO NOT need to be present to win.


Joel Telling

Alexander Meyer

Alexander Meyer is a 5 time entrepreneur, brand specialist, futurist and Art Director level graphic designer. After years of homebrewing with best-friend and colleague Aaron, they decided to carve a new path by opening what they hope to be the worlds more innovative craft brewery.

Daniel Norée

Aaron Gonzalez

Aaron Gonzalez, similarly is an Art Director level designer with years in production management in the Action Sports industry. While homebrewing alongside Alexander he was struck by the brilliant idea that their professional skillset and ability to make damn good beer could make for one hell of a Craft Brewery.

Dave Gaylord

Dave Gaylord

Engineer, Maker, Surfer, Certified Nerd, Highly Experienced Imbiber of Fermented Beverages, Accomplished Spirit Mixologist, Study-at-Home Sommelier, and CMO at MatterHackers.

How To Enter

Follow the link below to enter and upload the digital design file and the photo of your tap handle. Good luck!