The Black Lives Matter movement of 2020 shed much needed light on the systemic racism and implicit bias that has plagued America and the world for centuries. MatterHackers listened as the impact of all of that pain was exposed louder and more clearly than ever, and we turned inward to determine how we could further support our community, and be a more effective part of the solution.

The way we see it, the only appropriate response to this problem is action to move from inclusion to representation to equity.  The following are commitments to actions which are in alignment with what has always been our core mission: to empower anyone to make anything. While many of these initiatives were already in place, they will now be prioritized and accelerated.

  • We will partner with organizations on the ground taking action locally and globally in order to support your work in making STEM hardware, materials, and training accessible.  If we are able to make your already great work easier in any way, we are here to help. 
  • We will be more proactive in seeking out and supporting BIPOC educators and administrators to excite students from underrepresented and under-resourced backgrounds about careers in STEM industries.  Together we will empower a generation that is prepared to lead future innovation in technology and digital manufacturing. 
  • We will be mindful of our internal supply chain including vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers; finding ways to partner with, and include in our decision-making, Black and minority-owned businesses whenever possible.
  • We will use our website and social media platforms to amplify voices of makers, educators, and businesses of color who are doing inspiring work in digital fabrication, as our industry moves from inclusion to representation to equity.    

We will also continue to invest in business practices which have always been important to MatterHackers:

  • Seek diverse panelists, topics, and viewpoints for our events and meetups,
  • Support industry events and discussions geared towards inclusion and equity,
  • Engage recruitment practices which encourage diversity,
  • Zero tolerance of internal racist comments or actions,
  • STEM education outreach to underrepresented groups and under-resourced communities,
  • Maintain current discounts and support to all schools, libraries, makerspaces, and nonprofits to make digital fabrication technology accessible.

MatterHackers is here to listen and to support our community, and we can’t do it alone.  If you know of an organization, person, or business who we should be in touch with, please email  

Thank you for being a part of our community, and for giving us the space to continuously improve.