The Science of MatterHackers’ PRO Series Performance Materials

MatterHackers PRO Series filament is all about quality. When the performance of a 3D printed component is the ultimate goal, you need to know you’re printing with a material you can trust. MatterHackers’ PRO Series filament is meticulously refined to provide optimal results for every application. That’s why our material experts have developed a range of responsive high-performance thermoplastics that maintain reliability through your process of rough prototyping to sophisticated, end-use products. No matter your goal, PRO Series filament delivers parts exactly as you intended them.

Compare PRO Series Materials Using Radar Graphs to Quickly Understand Mechanical Strength, Flexibility, and More

MatterHackers uses radar graphs to provide a visual snapshot of the strengths of every material in our PRO Series lineup. Each graph is a six-axis view of how a material performs in Printability, Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength, Impact Resistance, Temperature Resistance, and Chemical Resistance. Understanding the differences between the different PRO Series materials is key when choosing the best filament for your next project. Learn how the Pros at MatterHackers measure the data for Radar Graphs here

View all PRO Series Radar Graphs in the links below to start printing with the best materials for your applications: 

Each material has unique characteristics - find the best PRO Series choice for your application with these quick reference Radar Graphs
Each material has unique characteristics - find the best PRO Series choice for your application with these quick reference Radar Graphs

What is Filament Diameter and Ovality and Why do They Matter?

With PRO Series materials, you know you’re getting the most accurate filament diameter and ovality available. Having a consistent diameter of 3D printing filament is critically important as it directly impacts print quality. The slicing engine calculates the volume of filament that will be deposited on each layer. The critical value the slicing engine uses to calculate that volume is the filament diameter. Therefore, any variation in that diameter can cause the print to over or under extrude. For optimum printing performance, you need to have a high level of confidence that you know what your filament diameter is and that it is consistent.

Ovality and Diameter are different and can only be understood with a multi-axis laser

How MatterHackers’ Measures for Precise Diameter and Ovality

Since we know diameter matters, we obsess over ensuring that PRO Series materials are on the mark so you can print perfect parts. MatterHackers uses two and three-axis laser systems to accurately measure the filament diameter at 40 hertz (40 times per second) to ensure the filament diameter is consistent and within our +/- 0.02mm tolerance. Additionally, the data for each production run is recorded and stored - giving us traceability on all PRO Series materials - so you can be confident in the quality of every spool from every batch.

A three-axis laser micrometer allows for truly precise measurements

Tested In-House for Mechanical Properties and Quality Assurance

We know that end-use products are only as good as the materials and tools used to create them - that’s why we put our PRO Series filament through rigorous testing before it makes its way to your workshop or manufacturing floor. Having high-quality materials is essential when creating functional or product-ready components, therefore all MatterHackers PRO Series materials are analyzed using in-house testing equipment, including a Universal Testing Machine and a Melt Flow Indexer. These machines are used specifically to measure tensile and flexural properties, as well as the melt flow index of each material, ensuring that all PRO Series filament is dependable and performing at its peak capabilities. MatterHackers PRO Series materials are tested and measured using ASTM 638 and D790 or ISO 527-1, 527-2, and 178.

The Machines and Standards We Use To Guarantee Your Success

Professional grade filament is not meant to stay on the spool, it’s all about the parts you print with it. Because of this, we regularly take samples of all PRO Series materials, print test parts, and perform ISO certified testing to evaluate the tensile strength (ISO 527), melt flow index (ISO 1133), and flexural properties (ISO 178) of the materials. This ensures uniformity with these quality standards so your manufacturing stays consistent quarter after quarter. All of these data points contribute not only to the quality and performance of printed parts but to the printability of the filament as well. This aspect of PRO Series materials ensures quality parts but also helps printer health and uptime.

MatterHackers R&D Department utilizes industral-grade testing equipment to perform certified ISO evaluations.

Analyzing Compounding and Colorant Additives

Rest assured knowing that MatterHackers controls and actively analyzes the compounding and colorant addition of each filament batch, ensuring that your projects are the same from spool to spool. Color continuity between batches is controlled and confirmed with a color-analyzing spectrometer running in line during filament production. Each of our PRO Series colors is defined by either a CIELAB identifier or based on a PANTONE code. We don’t begin producing filament until these matches are carefully analyzed and confirmed to be identical. Your PRO Series filament will always be the same color PRO Series filament.

The CIELAB color language allows us to quantify color differences with specificity beyond what the human eye can perceive.

When Reliability Counts - Be a PRO

Not only is our PRO Series line of filament carefully crafted, but we have an extensive collection of materials to choose from that fit every need and specific applications. From Tough PLA for serious prototyping to vibrant Nylons for sturdy, lasting products, PRO Series 3D printing materials deliver quality parts, time after time. PRO Series filament is created with end-use results as the main priority, ensuring that your finished 3D printed parts are as clean, sturdy, and functional as possible. Find the perfect PRO Series material for your next creative endeavor here.