We do our best to listen to the community, and we're always working hard to improve the software that helps control the hobby we all know and love. One of the most recent features, is our new Text Creator. Designing parts can be difficult for the average person, and sometimes it's nice just to be able to write something and have it printed, instead of waiting for someone to design the particular thing you want. Let's get started, shall we?

Using the Tool

The first thing you wanna do, is head towards the Library. From there, look towards the bottom section and click on Create. A window should pop up with the Text Creator menu option. Click it. You should see three main areas: the sidebar, the viewport, and the text entry box. We’ll start by typing a word.

So many possibilities. So many letters. 26 to be exact.

After we type the word, we press insert and then look to the sidebar.


Your first word! A little self indulgent perhaps.

We can make it really small.

Beautifully tiny, yet unprintable.

We can make it huge!

There we go. Wait, what's my build volume?

We can make it all squished together.

Can I read it? Of course I can. I'm a printing wizard.

We can shrink or heighten the letters.


These are tall, but I'm sure you can imagine what a flat thing looks like.

And of course, we can add an underline for structure.

Check the box for maximum cohesiveness.

Also fun to note, there is no character limit, so go crazy!


Wow, so many letters!

So, the last thing to note, are these guys.

The options you know and love.

They’re just like your normal panning and scaling tools in the print preview, however, there is one tool you may want to experiment with. This fellow.


Yeah! We'll call him Sherman.

While it’s active, you can drag your letters around to your hearts content. Arrange them any way you like!

It's barely recognizable, but still amazing.

Those are all the basic functions of the Text Creator.
Good luck, and happy printing!

-The MatterHackers Crew


You're ready to embark on a creation adventure! Have fun!