Ever wondered how your design will print with a given set of slice settings in MatterControl? The Layer View has you covered. 

With the model selected, click on the preview image in either location highlighted in green to open a new window with 3D/Layer View displayed. Click on the 'Layer View' button highlighted in orange to open Layer View in the main screen.

The opening screen of Layer View.

When you press “generate” to view layers, the slicing engine breaks down the object and allows you to view each layer frame by frame. This allows you to visualize what is happening with a given print based on your current slice settings, which can be useful for troubleshooting or just getting a better understanding of the effect of settings like 'infill' and 'fill pattern'. It also shows you the estimated amount of time a print will take.  You can skip to any layer you want with the arrow buttons or by typing your desired layer into the input, just like skipping to certain pages within a word processor.

To change the overhead view, click and drag the object to desired location. You can also do that through clicking the scroll wheel. Zooming in and out is possible by using the scroll wheel of the mouse.

Viewing all of the layers of an object from start to finish.

Now that you've heard about it, it's time for a test drive! Let us know how this feature works for you.