On Jan. 17th 2012 the Southern California 3D Printing Meetup group got together at MatterHackers for a delightful 3D printing-themed evening.  About 40 people showed up for the event and enjoyed pizza, cookies and drinks for just over two hours from 7pm to 9pm.  People brought printers and printed parts, altogether there were six different printer models on display, actively creating parts throughout the night.

In the printers that were working category: There were several Airwolf3D printers (including a preview of the new larger XL model ), one Mendel90, a printrbot and a custom design using OpenBeam.

We also had several printers under construction including a Rostock and four home built Mendel90s. 

Much of the evening was spent in one-on-one discussions.  People sharing their stories and experiences, showing off printed parts and asking questions about all sorts of 3D printing related topics: where the market is going, what the capabilities are, how to get into printing and what jobs are or will be coming availble as hobiest printing matures.

We had lots of fun hosting.  Below are just a few pictures from the evening.

A Very Good Turnout

Heading to the Snack Table

The new Airwolf XL printer gathering an audience

Airwolf's In Action

The event was sponsored by MatterHackers and AirWolf3D and was hosted in the back shop of MatterHackers retail store.  AirWolf3D and MatterHackers are planning another event for early March.  We will have details as they become available here.  

We would love to hear your ideas about things that might be fun to add to the meeting.  If you have thought about what you would like to see or learn about please submit them to the group page or send them our way and we'll collect them together.

We hope to see you there and have fun printing.

Several Printers Under Construction