MatterControl (0.9.4) is out and available for download.

We are super excited about the latest version of MatterControl. We have been getting wonderful feedback from our rapidly growing user base, and wanted to say a big thank you to all of you.

Please continue giving us great feedback and requests for features!  We are working as fast and as hard as we can, and wanted to send out this new build with lots of the requested enhancements. 

Here is a quick list of what's new:

  • Better GCode preview and information
  • Type in extruder and bed temperatures in manual controls
  • Edit the temperature quick set buttons
  • Edit the default axis move speed
  • Fan controls are now available
  • Intuitive controls for 3D view options
  • Added Kossel Clear profile
  • Added Printrbot LC profile 
  • General impovements to usability
  • Many bugs fixed

We now have clear and intuitve 3D view controls.

You can now configure the temperature buttons and the movement speeds.

GCode layer view now shows more information and is easier to use.

MatterControl grows and improves every day, and we are always looking to make sure we are prioritizing the features our users request. If you have something you would like to see in MatterControl, please let us know. We use your feedback to make sure we are working on the things that will make your printing easy, enjoyable, and useful.

Thank you!

- MatterControl Crew