As of January 14th, MatterControl 1.0 is officially available to the public. The MatterHackers team is extremely excited to bring you this latest version, which is undoubtedly our best yet. Read on to learn about all of the fantastic new features and functionality that await.

Creating 3D printable words and text just became much easier.



Probably the single feature we are most excited about is our new Text Creator.

The 'Text Creator' is a new built-in tool that makes it easy to generate 3D printable text - allowing everyone to create something custom and compelling that they can then print immediately. Once created, text extrusions can also be exported and/or combined with other designs.

To Access the Text Creator

  • Launch MatterControl
  • Click on the 'Library' tab
  • Click on 'Create' at the bottom of the page
  • Select the 'Text Creator'
  • Type in your name or other text
  • Save your creation
  • Add it to the Queue and print it!

Welcome to a world of Possibilities.

Design Plugin - Text Creator

Customizable Macros:

Advanced users can now setup MatterControl to perform any function at the click of a button.  This makes it easy to automate tasks such as calibration, turning pins on and off, moving to a special position, or even loading and unloading filament. 

  • Launch MatterControl
  • Select a printing profile
  • Click on 'Advanced Controls'
  • Click on the tool icon in Macros to bring up the editor
  • Add or edit your macros
  • Connect to your printer and test

You can edit your mocros without being connected to a printer, but you will need to be connected to test them.

Custom GCode at your convenience.

Mac Friendly:

Users of the Mac OS X version of MatterControl will notice some UI improvements that give the application a more native look and feel.


Open Source

MatterControl is now open source. You can find the code at github here. We are very excited to be working with printer manufacturers and dedicated users. Their feedback has been invaluble to date and we can't wait to see what we can create together.

Minor Changes:

  • The export function was significantly streamlined and now allows both .gcode and .stl exporting.
  • Gcode exports now include print-leveling if print-leveling is enabled.
  • Library items now include preview icons.

We hope you enjoy this version of MatterControl and want to give you our thanks for your continued feedback and support!