We all have our reasons for venturing into the 3D printing domain. My introduction to 3D printing traces back to a challenge fostered by a former colleague and close friend of mine a few years ago. I grew up in a tourist area where many local artisans used to make model lighthouses for sale in local shops and retail outlets.

My friend wanted me to find a locally made model to contrast with the mass-produced ceramic models that she already possessed. After much searching, I informed my friend that I could not find one that was hand-made. Apparently, that artform had died with the passing of local artisans. “Well you’re smart enough, you can make me one!” was her reply. The gauntlet had been thrown and my creative journey had officially begun.

Now is your chance to join me in this journey and create your own 3D printing experience.

Make plans to attend our two live, hands-on 3D printing classes at MatterHackers in Southern California.

MatterHackers In-store Class Schedule:

MatterHackers Introduction To 3D Printing
- Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.

MatterHackers Intermediate 3D Printing:  Custom Model Design and Printing Beyond PLA
- Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Our classes are targeted to the novice maker with no 3D printing experience, or the intermediate artist pushing their printing to the next level. Each class is two hours in length.

Class Details:

The MatterHackers Introduction to 3D Printing course will cover the following topics:
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  • History of 3D printing

  • Why 3D printing?

  • Where to find free 3D printable designs

  • Required materials to make models and useable parts

  • Introduction to MatterControl 3D printing software

  • Create your own customized model

  • Hands-on time with a 3D printer

The MatterHackers Intermediate 3D Printing course - Custom model design and printing beyond PLA; including initial exposure to 3D CAD design. It also covers:
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  • Historical perspective of additive manufacturing and the positioning of fused filament fabrication

  • Iterative design

  • Prototyping

  • Mass production and customizable manufacturing

  • Part complexity and simplicity for printing

  • Model design utilizing free and open source software

Online Class Details: 

Additionally, web-based online courses are being offered by LERN and taught by recognized 3D printing experts Joan Horvath and Rich “Whosawhatsis” Cameron of Nonscriptum LLC. Horvath and Cameron have written books for Apress including “3D Printing With MatterControl” and “The New Shop Class”. The two also have years of experience and perspective in bringing 3D printing to life with their online instruction to include Online Intro to Maker Tech: The New Shop Class (starts February 1, 2016) and Online Introduction to 3D Printing Class (starts March 7, 2016).

Online Introduction to 3D Printing Class 
Starts February 1, 2016. Learn More

  • Learn about the realistic limitations of consumer 3D printers

  • Discover the three stages of a 3D print: modeling, slicing and printing

  • Find out how to locate and evaluate printable files in free online libraries

  • See case studies of real-world applications

  • Learn how to navigate the free and open source software options available for each part of the printing workflow

The Online Intro to Maker Tech: The New Shop Class
Starts March 7,2016. Learn More

  • Get an overview of the common maker technologies and typical projects that use them best, particularly Arduino, 3D printing, and fashion-oriented wearable tech.

  • Understand how projects make it possible to build up several skills at once.

  • Review case studies of learning-by-making at schools

  • Learn where the open-source and free resources can be found to learn more.

To sign up for these courses, and for additional information on MatterHackers’ educational offerings, follow the Education & Classes link on our online store at MatterHackers Classes. We look forward to seeing you at our Southern California showroom on February 6th and 17th.