Small, but incredibly mighty, nine-year-old Abigail wowed us with her impressive dollhouse furniture designs. 

"I just went on Tinkedcad and started making stuff. It didn't look very real at first because it was flat and then I started adding shapes and it started to build itself," Abigail said. 

Abigail's Doll House

Abigail, also known as Abby, knew that she wanted a doll house. She quickly and expertly sketched the design she wanted, and her father built it for her out of wood. As any proud, new home owner knows, the next step is deciding what to put inside, so Abby turned to 3D printing to create an interior that she could truly call her own.

Abby had learned how to 3D print from her father- she has been printing for about a year. As she gazed at her unfurnished dollhouse, she was struck with an idea: could she print some furniture for her new house? Abby looked into some open source designs, but nothing really jumped out at her. It was then she decided to use her imagination and design the pieces herself.

Abigail's Doll Furniture

Abby used Tinkercad to create all of her furniture. She made a couch, a bed, a few chairs, and even a new wall - Abby sure knows how to utilize her space!

"Each design took about thirty minutes to make if I wasn't distracted," Abby said. 

After the designs were ready to go, Abby headed to her SeeMeCNC Orion  3D printer to bring her designs to life. Each piece took about an hour to print. 

Abigail's Couch Design

Abigail's Chair Design

Abigail's Bed Design

Abby intends on creating more furniture for her lovely doll house where her homemade doll lives.

"I think my next pieces will be a desk and a table," she said.

Abby has been nice enough to make her files accessible on the MatterHackers Digital Design Store in hopes that more kids can enjoy her furniture. 

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