On May 14, 2014, 3D printing enthusiasts everywhere will be able to download the newest version of MatterControl - MatterHackers' software solution for desktop 3D printing. Our intent with MatterControl has been to provide an intuitive, professional grade software experience made specifically for open standard 3D printers.  Version 1.1 continues to deliver on that intent. Below is a preview of some of our favorite new features.

What's New:

Flexible User Interface

Customizable Presets - Material and Quality Settings

Print History - Print it again

New Creation Tool - The Cut-out Creator

MatterSlice - A Powerful new Slicing Option

Flexible User Interface

One of the most visible changes to MatterControl 1.1 is the newly revamped responsive User Interface. While many aspects of the intuitive layout have stayed the same, a quick press of the 'maximize' window button will reveal that MatterControl is now happy to take full advantage of your available screen real estate.  While the original 'compact mode' is still available (and in fact the default view) users will find that they now have significantly more control over what tools and screens they want to see.

View everything at once with the new Widescreen mode

MatterControl now also comes in a lighter variety

For the aesthetically discerning, MatterControl 1.1 also includes a number of new theme options, including a light theme (shown above).

Customizable Presets - Material and Quality Settings

Managing multiple slice settings became easier in MatterControl 1.1.  With the new presets tool, you can easily toggle between predetermined printer-specific settings for different materials and different qualities.

Slice presets make it easy to switch between materials

Advanced users can view and customize presets

For beginning users, presets make it easy to get what you want without the hassle of diving into individual settings.  For advanced users, presets provide the ultimate in convenient customization.

Print History

The new Print History keeps record of what you printed and when, providing a convenient way to find and re-print past objects.  It's also a great way to answer the question - "How long did that print take last time?" 

View a record of your printing exploits

New Tool - The Image Converter

In addition to other great features, MatterControl 1.1 will also include its first optional paid addon - the new Image Converter tool which allows anyone to convert a 2D image into a 3D print. With this tool, anyone can make 3D printable designs simply by dropping in an image file.

Access the optional new Image Converter plugin via the 'Create' button

The Image Converter allows you to 3D print any black & white image

A picture frame design created with the Cutout Creator

Powered by MatterSlice - Faster, Smarter Slicing

The latest version of MatterControl will now include MatterSlice, a faster, more accurate slicing engine that uses an intuitive layer-based settings and provides more intelligent feedback during the slicing process.  MatterSlice's improved path reduction algorithms deliver better results, faster.

Slicing parts with MatterSlice