MatterHackers will soon release MatterControl 1.6, the most advanced MatterControl yet. With an innovative print recovery system, expanded cloud control, and enhancements to aspects of the user interface, MatterControl users will now be able to move easily and swiftly through the 3D printing process. 

At a glance, here are some of the newest additions that MatterControl has to offer, as well as the Alpha version you can test:

Print Recovery

One of the most exciting and innovative features of MatterControl 1.6 is print recovery - a highly advanced tracking system that continuously monitors the state of your printer. With print recovery in place, MatterControl 1.6 corrects some of the most common failure conditions in 3D printing. It can detect - and correct - loss of connection, loss of power, even unrequested system updates. When something bad happens, MatterControl 1.6 can resume your print right where it left off.


MatterControl: Print Recovery Feature

More Connected

MatterControl has always had great connected features; notifications when your print is complete, starting and stopping prints from your phone, and keeping your digital designs with you wherever you go. With MatterControl 1.6, existing printer profiles and settings are accessible from any MatterControl-enabled device anywhere in the world. Alterations and updates to settings are automatically synced to the cloud, and to every desktop computer and MatterControl Touch that a user is logged into. With these improvements, MatterControl truly is with you everywhere you go.

Enhanced User Interface

MatterControl 1.6 features significant improvements to the entire user interface, especially the printer settings editor. In the new editor, all settings changes are tracked, and are easily visible to the user. With this addition, any setting can be reverted at any time to the factory defaults. You never have to worry about trying out new settings, because you know you can always get back to the way you started. There have also been significant improvements made to the quality and material editors, making it a breeze to edit them at any time.

Blue highlights indicate settings that have been changed from the stock profile

Other improvements and new features include:

  • Smarter, faster slicing with improved support detection, easier support removal (air gap), and quality enhancing seam hiding.

  • Creating and modifying settings has never been easier - even on the fly - and you can now revert to factory default at any time.

  • New setup wizards that help with configuring printers, creating online accounts and optional step by step printer calibration.

  • Manufacturers and users can easily create and share their own custom printer settings profiles.

Alpha Version Available

The Alpha version of MatterControl 1.6 is currently available for Windows. Mac, Linux, and Android versions are coming soon!

To try it out:

  1. Open MatterControl.
  2. Navigate to the HELP menu at the top of the screen and click 'Check For Update'.
  3. Choose 'Alpha' from the drop-down menu on the right.
  4. Click 'Check for Update' and install.