Lake Forest, California – May 14, 2014 – Not a designer? 3D printing just became a lot more useful. MatterHackers today announced the release of MatterControl 1.1, an extensive update to their 3D printing software package MatterControl.  This latest update includes, among many other new features, an add-on design tool call the ‘Image Converter’ that allows users to 3D print from a 2D image.   Without any prior design experience, anyone can now take a 2D drawing and convert it into a 3D printable design - in less than a minute.  Logos, custom stencils, props and art are a few examples of things that can be easily made with the Image Converter add-on.  


2D silhouette image converted to 3D print

“3D printing is all about imagination”, noted Lars Brubaker, CEO of MatterHackers, “and now, if you can draw it, you can 3D print it.  I can literally take a photo of my daughter’s drawing and print it in 3D with zero 3D modeling or design work required.  Making what is a rather sophisticated technology incredibly easy-to-use is what we are all about.”

MatterControl’s latest version also includes a number of other improvements to the interface, designed to make 3D printing easy-to-learn and intuitive without removing any capability.

MatterControl's optional new widescreen mode

An area of frustration for many new users is finding and managing settings for the various printing materials used by 3D printers. MatterControl 1.1 addresses this issue by enabling users to select from preset quality and material settings.  Now users can easily achieve the printing results they are looking for without the hassle of going through an extended technical process.

MatterControl now includes easy Quality and Material Presets

Another convenience MatterControl 1.1 adds for the everyday user is Print History.  Print History allows users to go back and find any design that you have previously printed, and immediately re-print it. Users can discover exactly how long an item took last time and plan accordingly.

MatterControl shows a history of prints

For the more experienced user MatterControl 1.1 includes many advanced settings, tools and controls to fine tune their projects. MatterControl 1.1 introduces MatterSlice, a faster, more powerful slicing engine.

“We are incredibly excited about this latest update” said Kevin Pope, MatterControl’s lead designer, “With this release MatterControl has become the professional-grade software solution that open standard 3D printers need and deserve.” 

About MatterControl

MatterControl is an Open Source all-in-one desktop 3D printing software application created by MatterHackers, Inc. MatterControl features an intuitive approach to 3D printing, allowing users to queue multiple parts for printing without pre-slicing, as well as integrating a library that enables users to organize and search their design files. MatterControl is available for download from and from select 3D printer manufacturers, including Airwolf3D, SeeMeCNC and Robo3D.

About MatterHackers

MatterHackers, Inc., located in Lake Forest CA, provides professional software solutions for desktop 3D printing.  MatterHackers and MatterControl are trademarks of MatterHackers, Inc.

Barry Lieberman

Kevin Pope