Lake Forest, California -  May 18th 2013 - MatterHackers today announced the limited alpha release of its revolutionary new 3D printing software - MatterControl.  Users can download MatterControl, which is currently available for Windows/PC, from the MatterHackers website.  MatterControl features a intuitive approach to 3D printing that allows users to queue multiple parts for printing without pre-slicing, as well as a library that enables users to organize and search their design files.

MatterControl: The New Standard In Desktop 3D Printing Software

“MatterControl provides the absolute best 3D printing experience for desktop 3D printers.” said Lars Brubaker, MatterHackers’s CEO. “We are excited to have our users test drive this alpha version and provide us with their valuable feedback.”

Lars also announced that MatterHackers would be working with open source 3D printing manufacturers to help provide a seamless setup process for new users.  "The open source hardware community in 3D printing is amazingly innovative." said Lars. "We are looking to help open source desktop 3D printers maintain their edge over closed source hardware packages by providing a professional software solution that caters specifically to them."


MatterControl is available immediately for Windows/PC from the MatterHackers site ( for free.  Mac and Linux versions are expected to be available soon.  MatterControl is designed to run on a computer connected via USB to a RepRap style printer.  Users can read more info about MatterControl, including a 'Getting Started Guide' on the MatterControl website (

MatterHackers serves the 3D printing community, providing the latest in consumer 3D printing technologies and materials.  MatterHackers is committed to building a better future, layer-by-layer.

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