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Fillamentum Black ASA Filament - 3.00mm

ASA Extrafill from Fillamentum offers improved work-ability, higher UV resistance, a lower level of yellowing and greater mechanical ability than ABS. ASA Extrafill 3D Printer Filament is great for functional parts that will see everyday use in demanding applications.

Product No. MWWW1ND3
Price: 34.00 USD
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Fillamentum ASA Extrafill brings weather resistance, retention of physical features together with a low level of yellowing to keep functional parts working and looking great, even after long-term use.

Technical Specifications

  • Working temperature: 250-255°C
  • Heated Bed: 80-100°C
  • Weight: 750g Filament (250g Spool)
  • Print Speed: 30-40mm/s

Click here to download the technical datasheet for FilamentOne ASA