BuildTak FlexPlate System 10.2" x 13.9"

The BuildTak FlexPlate System makes removing finished 3D prints from the print bed easier than ever. When a print is finished, the FlexPlate along with the BuildTak PEI sheet slide right off the magnetic base. With a gentle twist, your finished 3D printed part should pop right off!

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Size: 10.2" x 13.9" (259.08 mm x 353.06mm)
Compatible 3D Printers include: Ultimaker S5

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No matter the shape, size, or design of your 3D printer, adding a BuildTak FlexPlate System converts it to a removable print bed system. Instead of reaching into your 3D printer and removing parts there, you can now remove your FlexPlate from the entire print bed along with your finished 3D printed part. Take your FlexPlate and finished part to your chosen workspace, bend the FlexPlate in any direction, and your 3D print should effortlessly pop off of the BuildTak PEI print surface. This simple upgrade to your 3D printer can make a world of difference. Once you experience the ease of using a FlexPlate with BuildTak, you’ll never want to print on anything else.

*Disclaimer* The Ultimaker S5 Flexplate system does not come with the Buildtak Surface, instead, it comes with PEI.


BuildTak Polyetherimide (PEI) Build Surface sheets adhere to your 3D printer’s print bed, or onto your BuildTak FlexPlate with the same no-cleanup BuildTak Original adhesive. The PEI sheets are comparable to BuildTak’s Original printing surface, but exhibit slightly different adhesion and release properties, which vary from material to material. In general, BuildTak Original sheets will offer a stronger grip of your 3D prints to the 3D printing surface, whereas BuildTak PEI sheets will offer even easier release of finished 3D prints. It is a great alternative to PEI or Kapton Tape. Combine your BuildTak PEI Sheet with a FlexPlate System for ultimate ease in 3D print removal, and easily swap between BuildTak Original and PEI with an Extra FlexPlate!

After prolonged use, you may find that you need to clean your BuildTak surface with some isopropyl alcohol (or soap and water) to renew its adhesion abilities. Allow to dry completely. If your BuildTak sheet becomes damaged, just replace it with a new one!


  • 1 x BuildTak PEI Sheet
  • 1 x BuildTak FlexPlate
  • 1 x BuildTak Magnetic Mounting Base
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