Protopasta Protopasta Magnetic Iron-filled Metal Composite PLA Filament - 1.75mm (0.5kg)

Protopasta Magnetic Iron PLA is a unique PLA filament that sticks to magnets and rusts like real iron. Experience the unique combination of plastic and metal, this ferromagnetic material has the look and feel of metal, but prints like PLA. Its matte, cast metal finish is stable as printed, but can be rusted to achieve a variety of rustic and industrial effects.

  • Print magnetizing projects
  • Rusts like real iron
  • Prints like PLA
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Get Magnetic with this unique filament

Proto-Pasta's Magnetic Iron PLA is truly one of a kind! Like pure Iron, this filament is attracted to magnetic fields. Translation: magnets stick to it! It also rusts like real iron. To get a rusty iron look, "polish" your finished print with a wire brush to expose more of the iron particles to the air. Then, submerge print in a salty solution for about 2-3 days. Soak for a longer period to achieve a rustier finish. Let the magnetic power of Proto-Pasta's Magnetic Iron PLA draw you in and bring your creative ideas to life! With this unique material at your fingertips, you can create a range of projects with a stunning, rustic metal look, right from the comfort of your home.

Nice Magnetism!


  • Material: Natureworks 4043D PLA with finely ground iron powder
  • Recommended Extrusion Temperatures: 185 - 205°C
  • Bed Temperature: 60-70°C or No Heat when using blue painter's tape.
  • True Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Density: 2.00 g/cm³
  • Volume: 0.25 L
  • Length: 104.0 m

Please Note: Magnets stick to prints made with Magnetic Iron PLA, but printed objects will not function as magnets.


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