A Hybrid Support Material for Advanced 3D Printing

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Ionic is a support material formulated to pair with advanced materials like NylonX and NylonG so you can print more complex and functional parts in stronger materials. Ionic is both water-soluble and breakaway support material - this reduces post-processing time so your end-use parts can be applied to projects faster. Ionic's thermal stability makes it compatible with a variety of advanced materials, including Nylon and ABS. You can now create stronger and more intricate 3D printed parts.

Extruder temp Extruder Temp 240 ±10°C
Bed temp Bed Temp 60°C - 90°C

Ionic Support Material Pairs Perfectly With Nylons

Formulated for Nylons - Great for Advanced Materials

Ionic 3D printing support material is designed to make printing complex parts in tough materials easier than ever before. Due to Ionic's higher printing temperature, supports adhere better to printed parts and won’t warp or melt away as other support materials might. Other 3D printing materials with a similar printing temperature to like ABS, PETG, RYNO, or TPU all print exceptionally well with Ionic.

Hybrid-Support for Faster, Easier Post-Processing

Ionic's chemical makeup allows it to completely dissolve in regular tap water, which can be safely disposed of down the drain. Other materials may require a chemical bath and careful disposal. Ionic also behaves as breakaway support material - it can be removed from your printed part with standard tools. Before you dissolve Ionic from your printed part, simply break off most of it to cut down on the post-processing time. Ionic makes advanced 3D printing easier than ever before.

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