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Metallic PLA  3D Printing Filament

Metallic 3D Printing Filament

Which metallic filament is right for me?

Real Metal Filament - real stainless steel filament printed on your desktop 3D printer. This metal 3D printing filament can be debinded and sintered, leaving your 3D printed part solid 316L or 17-4 PH stainless steel metal. If you are looking for an affordable way to create one-off, custom metal parts, small-batch manufactured parts, or just want to finally print with real metal on your desktop printer, this is your best option. 

Metal Composite Filament - plastic filament infused with metal powders. These materials are still mostly PLA plastic and will have typical PLA filament characteristics. The metal powder (bronze, copper, or magnetic iron) provides aesthetic characteristics as opposed to their real metal properties. For example, printed parts in metal composite filament can rust/patina and even be sanded and polished to shine. So, if you are just searching for a metallic look, using a metal composite material is your best option. 

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