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When Reliability Counts - Be a PRO
Premium Quality, Reliable Performance
An industry-leading ±0.02mm diameter tolerance and precise color consistency define PRO Series’ wide range of high-performance thermoplastics that ensures reliability throughout your process, whether you are creating prototypes or end-use products.
Formulated and Engineered for Success
We know that end-use products are only as good as the materials and tools used to create them - that’s why we put our PRO Series filament through rigorous testing before it makes its way to your workshop or manufacturing floor.
Proven Industrial
MatterHackers is a trusted brand for digital manufacturing. Our PRO Series filament has remained the quintessential choice for anyone that demands exacting results for their business, products, and projects.
MatterHackers PRO Series materials are formulated specifically for functional 3D printing. Because of its precisely detailed chemical blueprint, PRO Series 3D printing filament provides the consistency needed for high detail and repeatable part-production.
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