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BCN3D is one of the leading manufacturers of 3D printers with Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) in the world. Their R19 Sigma and Sigmax models give users a wide variety of options and features for sophisticated 3D printing options. The fully-enclosed Epsilon 3D printer takes those advantages and adds the ability to 3D print with filament like ABS, ASA, polycarbonate and more advanced manufacturing materials. The IDEX system opens up multi-material 3D printing with more than one color, mix and match materials, and soluble supports. In addition, users get access to adaptive functions like Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode for industrial and small business applications. The large build volume of the R19 models gives every user plenty of space to create their products with accurate and reliable Sigma, Sigmax, and Epsilon 3D printers.

BCN3D 3D Printers and Accessories

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Technical Specifications

Independent Dual Extrusion

3D print with soluble support materials, or make multi-material or multi-color 3D prints.

Accurate and Reliable

Perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike, BCN3D printers are workhorses.

Duplication and Mirroring

The Sigmax can print multiple parts incredibly quickly, so you can finish faster.

Giant Build Volume

The Sigmax boasts one of the largest build volumes on the market today.

About BCN3D

Based in Barcelona, Spain, BCN3D Technologies is out to change the way the world is made through 3D printing. The R19 models of the Sigma and Sigmax 3D printing platforms enable tomorrow's professionals, while adapting to every users 3D printing needs. BCN3D introduced the world to the Independent Dual Extrusion system, which is now standard on both the Sigma and Sigmax. The IDEX system allows for several different options in the variations of 3D printing applications for professionals and hobbyists alike. Not only can you 3D print with two different color filament, but you can also mix and match filament types, and 3D print with soluble supports to create complex geometries and overhands for even more sophisticated 3D prints. Mirror mode allows users to create an exact, but mirrored, copy of a print to enable symmetrical 3D printing for automotive, engineering, and fashion applications, as well as many more industries. Duplication mode allows for 3D printing multiple copies of the same object on the robust build plate volume of the Sigma and Sigmax. With hardware upgrades to enhance your overall experience with the R19 models, the BCN3D Sigma and Sigmax are pinpoint accurate and highly-reliable machines for any level printing job you can throw at them.