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Kapton Tape

Kapton Tape

Kapton tape is the recommended bed surface for 3D printing ABS filament. The tape protects the bed surface and acts a base layer, while the hair spray or juice provides the adhesion. 

About Kapton Tape

Kapton tape (a registered trademark of DuPont) is a polyimide film. Created for the aerospace industry in the 1960s, Kapton tape as a flexible adhesive tape that is stable over a wide range of temperature, from -269C to +400C. The film was used for many awesome projects like the Apollo Lunar Module.

The tape was then discovered and utilized widely in the Electronics manufacturing industry for its electrical isolation properties in addition to the thermal stability. 3D printing, in particular the RepRap Community, discovered a new use for the robust material as a bed surface. 

Kapton tape comes in large rolls which allow you to cover the entire bed with a single sheet. Unfortunately, applying the tape is tricky since it is easy to trap air bubbles underneath or make creases. Check out our guide, Bed Surfaces: Applying Kapton Tape, where we show you an easy way to apply Kapton without trouble.