Band-IT Dragster - 3D Printed Race Car

3D print and build your very own race car with the Band-It design! Print your rubber band powered car in however many colors you'd like, put it together, and see how far your can launch the dragster!

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This rubber band powered dragster brings fun and competition to 3D printing. Print your own race cars and put them to the test with Band-its! Pick out your colors, print it out, put it together, and see how far your can launch that car!

Band-Its are extremely fast and can cruise up to 40 feet. Print them with your friends and enjoy one crazy race.

Print the parts out - add a a rubber band and race it down the hallway. The Band-IT consists of 17 total components:  16 that are printed and a rubber band (approximate 6 inches / 16mm in length) that may be purchased separately. Five of the components will be duplicated and several of the components may be fabricated together in one print. Get more assembly instruction details here


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