FDL-1 Blaster

The FDL-1 is a robotic foam dart launcher. It is high powered, fully automatic, web enabled, and can be converted into multiple forms, this being the handheld blaster version. It shoots Nerf Mega size darts and has a capacity of 12. It has ranges over 100' shooting parallel to the ground and I've seen it hit 120fps on a chronograph. It's intense and awesome.

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Designed to fit no smaller than a 6x6x6" bed and with a 0.4mm nozzle in mind. You shouldn't need supports but a brim around some of the long skinny parts helps.

I always use a heated bed and have only ever printed the FDL-1 in PLA. I find it prints more accurately than ABS and is for the most part just as strong. Plus it's easier on my printers. There's no reason not to try ABS or any other filament though, I'd be curious to know how it goes.

You may have to do some light sanding and you'll need a 6-32 and a 10-32 tap to thread a number of holes. I really made a point while designing the FDL-1 to try to make it as print and play as possible but everyone's printer is a little different so a little adjustment may be necessary.

Visit FDL1.com for more info and to check out the web shop selling assembled blasters, kits, and electronics bundles to pair with your printed shell.


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