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e-NABLE 3 Pack of PRO Series PLA Filament - 1.75mm

This 3 Pack of PRO Series PLA filament is perfect for printing tons of e-NABLE hands! This pack includes 1 spool of Black, 1 spool of White, and 1 spool of Red PRO Series PLA filament (each spool is 1kg). PRO Series PLA filament is specially formulated for precision 3D printing and manufactured in the USA.
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This e-NABLE pack comes with 3 spools (black, white, red) which are each 1 Kg (2.2 lbs). All PRO Series filament is vacuum sealed with desiccant for storage and freshness.

PLA, aka Polylactic Acid, is a multipurpose material commonly used in 3D printing. PLA is a bioplastic, which means it is made from renewable natural resources such as corn starch and tapioca products. As a biodegradable material it is much better for the environment, especially compared to petrochemical-based alternatives (such as ABS).

Our PLA is compatible with nearly all 3D printers, including RepRap derivatives and those from MakerBot, Ultimaker, Bits from Bytes, Airwolf3D, Makergear, Printrbot, Bukobot, Type A Machines, and many others.

At MatterHackers, we prefer PLA as our default printing material due to its high strength and minimal warping.

Recommended Extrusion Temperatures: 185C-200C
Dimensional Accuracy: ┬▒0.05mm
Spool Dimensions (Aprox.): 200mm Total Diameter x 50mm Inner Hole Diameter x 70mm Height

PRO Series PLA filament is manufactured in the USA.

Click here for an extensive guide to printing in PLA.