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3D PrintPRO 2 Fume Extractor

The 3D PrintPRO 2 from BOFA is a low-cost fume extractor for open-framed 3D printers. It can sit on your work bench or on the floor, with the hose stationed next to your print area. It pulls a small amount of air and any fumes that could come from heated filament extrusion and filters it through the base unit, outputting clean air. And all without causing the print area to be cooled.

Studies have shown that 3D printing does not cause harmful or toxic fumes, so this unit is not a necessity for all users, but some find the smell can be irritating or unpleasant, especially in an enclosed space with poor ventilation. Some maker-spaces, such as classrooms, have especially sensitive users, and they need extra protection from impure air. If you want to ensure the purest air while you print, the 3D Print Pro 2 may be the solution for you!

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Great Impact but Barely There

The 3D Print Pro 2 has been designed to fit into your workspace cleanly and your workflow quietly. Its low noise level, minimal power consumption and small footprint ensure that you can add air filtration to your printing without rearranging all your equipment or cable management.

Technical Specs

  • 3 level filtration: Pre-Filter, HEPA and chemical filters
  • 26.5cfm
  • 96% efficiency @ 2 microns
  • Noise level of under 44 dBs during operation
  • Advanced Carbon Filter Technology
  • CE approvals
  • SureCheck Quality Standard
  • Powder coated mild steel cabinet for improved durability
  • Cabinet measures 13.4 x 11.4 x 11"

An Extra Precaution

Studies done by the U.S. EPA have found very low and VOC emission rates for most 3D printed materials. Though ABS has been found to have a slightly higher airborne styrene concentration, air quality is generally accepted to be good in a normal printing environment.

None the less, you may wish to take extra steps if you are printing around very young children, have sensitive lungs, are in an enclosed and un-ventilated space or if you simply find the smell of some filaments are unpleasant and bother you.

Fume extractors allow for worry-free printing in such instances!

What's in the Box?

  • 3D Print Pro 2 base unit
  • Connection hose
  • ‘Stay Put’ arm
  • Conical shaped funnel

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