3Dsimo MultiPro - Multi-Function Maker's Tool

This hand-held tool goes way beyond any 3D printing tool or pen you've seen before. The MultiPro features the ability to 3D print, cut foam, solder leads and post-process parts by burning plastic, wood or leather. Its elegant tool changing system and its small screen gives you all the information and control you need to make what you can imagine, from start to finish.

Product No. M-LR8-LFK6
List Price: $219.00

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Reason for Clearance:  This item is being discontinued on MatterHackers.

3D Drawing

With the attachment installed for free-style 3D printing, you can create, touch-up or repair parts and objects of your choice. Instead of measuring, modeling and printing new or replacement modifications, the power of creativity is literally in your hand as you modify your headphones, toys, dishes or plastic pieces in your car. Build models of structures to give a presentation some visual focus. Nothing is impossible! The hotend has a maximum temperature of up to 280°C, allowing you to print with PLA, ABS, PETG and more.

Foam Cutting

With the foam cutting attachment you can cut and shape foams and plastics--great for model builders, engineers, architects or students. It includes an angle setting plate, which helps greatly increase accuracy. Works on most any plastic material: polystyrene, Depron, EPP, or even hard plastics such as Plexiglass. 


The soldering attachment transforms 3Dsimo's MultiPro into a fully functional soldering station. Easy to set up and quickly get up to the max temp of 480°C, the soldering tool is perfect for repair of circuit boards and home appliances. With excellent durability and reliability, the soldering attachment is great for the students, repairmen and the DIY community.


This attachment is a great tool for smoothing the surface of completed 3D prints, as well as removing supports cleanly. It has a max temp of 480°C and a selection of different tips, ensuring that designers and artists can cleanly and easily decorate wood or leather.

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