3DXTech 3DXTech FM1 Filament Maintainer


The 3DXTech FM1 Filament Maintainer keeps filament dry and print-ready with advanced drying technology, accommodating up to 50kg across two racks for various reel sizes (0.5kg to 10kg). It features automatic humidity control with alarms, direct feeding ports to multiple printers, a digital display for monitoring, and a stackable design compatible with the FD1 model.

  • Advanced drying technology, maintains -40C dewpoint.
  • Holds up to 50kg, accommodates various reel sizes.
  • Stackable design, integrates with FD1 model.
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3DXTech FM1 Filament Maintainer

Optimal Storage Solution for Consistently Dry Filament

Ensure your filament remains consistently dry and print-ready with the 3DXTech FM1 Filament Maintainer. Featuring advanced drying technology, this maintenance system keeps your filament in optimal condition for printing. With a capacity of up to 50kg distributed across two storage racks, accommodating reel sizes from 0.5kg to 10kg, it offers ample storage for various projects. Easily feed filament directly from the FM1 to your printer through accessible ports. The automatic drying system maintains chamber air at a -40°C dewpoint, ensuring a dry storage environment with programmable humidity level alarms. Modular shelving supports up to five 4kg reels, while five ports enable direct filament feeding into multiple printers. A digital display provides real-time temperature and relative humidity readings, while the capability to recover and maintain internal air at -40°C Dewpoints ensures consistent performance. Additionally, its stackable design allows seamless integration with the FD1 model for enhanced storage solutions.

Key Features of the 3DXTech FM1 Filament Maintainer:

  • Holds up to 50kg of filament on two storage racks
  • Accommodates reel sizes ranging from 0.5kg to 10kg
  • Five ports for direct filament feeding to multiple printers
  • Digital display of temperature and relative humidity
  • Stackable design compatible with FD1 model

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