3DXTECH ThermaX Natural PEKK 3D Printing Filament - (0.5kg) 2.85mm

PEKK comes from the same family of high-performance thermoplastics as the well-known PEEK. 3DXTECH’s ThermaX PEKK 3D Printing Filament was created to bring this aerospace-grade material to your personal 3D printer. Use ThermaX PEKK 3D Printing Filament for the most demanding applications in the most extreme environments where thermal resistance, mechanical strength, and chemical stability are critical requirements.

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3DXTECH’s ThermaX PEKK 3D Printing Filament is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and applications. Throw your finished and annealed ThermaX PEKK 3D printed parts at working temperatures of 260°C or greater without sacrificing the impressive mechanical performance of this material. Additionally, 3DXTECH’s ThermaX PEKK 3D Printing Filament boasts excellent chemical resilience to a wide variety of substances commonly used in the petroleum, automotive, aerospace, medical, chemical manufacturing, and many other industries. This chemical resilience also factors in ThermaX PEKK’s inherent flame resistance and low smoke generation properties.

The visual difference between non-annealed and annealed parts printed with 3DXTECH's ThermaX PEKK 3D Printing Filament


A huge benefit to 3D printing with 3DXTECH’s ThermaX PEKK or PEEK filament is the option to anneal your finished 3D printed parts for enhanced properties. The process of annealing involves placing the part in an oven at a certain temperature for a certain period of time so the material’s crystallinity can increase. 3DXTECH recommends annealing this PEKK 3D printing material at 160°C for at least 30 minutes, or until the color turns completely opaque. This means your annealed 3D printed part possesses enhanced strength and thermal resistance.


PEKK comes from the same family of high-performance thermoplastics as the well-known PEEK, so both materials possess very similarly outstanding thermal and mechanical properties. Compared to most PEEK 3D printing filaments, 3DXTECH’s ThermaX PEKK 3D Printing Filament has a lower melting temperature, lower rate of crystallinity, and a wider processing window, making it a considerably easier 3D printing filament to work with. Even before annealing, 3DXTECH’s ThermaX PEKK 3D Printing Filament maintains a higher Glass Transition Temperature and Continuous Use Temperature than PEEK, meaning ThermaX PEKK can step up to the job where PEEK cannot.


  • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05mm
  • Printing temperature: 345 - 375°C (all-metal extruder)
  • Bed temperature: 120-140°C
  • Enclosure temperature: 70-150°C
  • Printing surface: PEI Tape, Stick Stick on clean glass
  • Dry at 120°C for at least 4 hours before use
  • Anneal at 160°C for at least 30 minutes, or until the transparent golden color of the finished 3D print turns completely opaque tan (see image above)
  • Download the SDS and TDS
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