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Teaching our next generation workforce to design and fabricate in 3D is the key to high-paying, creative jobs in every industry.  And with so many ways to align these skills with CORE curriculum and NGSS standards, anytime is a great time to start. MatterHackers provides unbiased guidance to help schools, libraries, and makerspaces get started (or stay current) with digital fabrication, including affordable desktop 3D printers, CNC mills, vacuum formers, laser cutters and engravers, and more.  We’ve curated the largest brand-agnostic selection of hardware and materials available, and our in-house experts can recommend the best machines and curriculum for your use-case and budget. We offer free lifetime phone and email support for all 70+ machines and 1000+ materials we sell, free US shipping on orders over $35, discounts for educators and libraries, video tutorials, and classroom case studies. Learn about how you can advance your research and enhance your classroom here

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Professional development and one-on-on training with our engineers is always available for educators, in addition to our discounted classroom 3D printing bundles to get you up and running fast. Email for personal assistance anytime! Integrating 3D printing and design into the classroom increases student engagement in CORE curriculum from K-12 to higher ed. MatterHackers is here to help match your classroom with the best hardware, software, materials, and product support. You will also find inspiring case studies, how-to guides, and project ideas to get you and your students producing awesome 3D models, while making the concepts they need to learn anyway much more fun.

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