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About the MatterHackers Education Ambassador Program

MatterHackers is excited to share our Education Ambassador Program! With 3D printing and digital manufacturing becoming even more prominent in schools than ever before, we wanted to create a platform where educators can share, collaborate, and of course, teach not only students, but other educators as well about the benefits of 3D printing in the classroom. Currently, MatterHackers has five Education Ambassadors teaching across the U.S. They are creating curriculum for their classes, speaking at conventions and events about how they are using 3D printing successfully to teach core concepts, and sharing their insight about specific machines and materials offered at MatterHackers. Are you interested in applying to be a MatterHackers Education Ambassador? If yes, apply here

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom

MatterHackers Education Ambassadors come from all over the US, from DC to Philly, to our own region here in Southern California. We've met them at conventions, events, and schools all around the country, and now they're adapting just like we all are to working in hybrid or remote models of instruction, too.

And their backgrounds are equally diverse. We want to connect with educators who reflect the wide range of diverse viewpoints, origins, and perspectives of the students and people who are using 3D printing. Education Ambassadors have the opportunity to amplify the voices of people who range from women in STEM, to a teacher in a border town school with a 99% Latinx student populations, to an educator who has spent years working with international students and creating a cohesive learning environment for ALL races and religion. MatterHackers is proud to say that we're able to elevate these amazing teachers' reach and impact more people who might feel like they aren't adequately represented in other digital manufacturing spaces.

Meet MatterHackers' Education Ambassadors

Meet MatterHackers' Education Ambassadors - top advocates for 3D printing in the classroom!
Meet MatterHackers' Education Ambassadors - top advocates for 3D printing in the classroom!

Check out MatterHackers' Education Ambassadors Projects, Advice, and Curriculum

Education Ambassadors are here to help fellow educators, schools, libraries, and makerspaces bring 3D printing and digital manufacturing into the classroom easily. From reviews and advice to curriculum and events, you can count on MatterHackers' Education Ambassadors to be a reliable source when it comes to 3D printing and the classroom. Check out an Ambassador's page to view ALL of the free curriculum, advice articles, and recorded sessions they've done with us: 

Steven Jones - Steven Jones is, among many accomplishments, an Instructional Technology Coordinator, PrintLab Pioneer, and STEAM Specialist in Arlington, VA and a MatterHackers Education Ambassador since 2020.

Jackie Derr - Jackie Derr is a 3D Printing MatterHackers Education Ambassador, drone racing coach, and STEM teacher at Perrysburg Jr. High School with over 22 years of teaching experience.

Jesus Huerta Jesus Huerta is a fellow Southern California local, MatterHackers Education Ambassador, CUE Director of STEAM for Imperial Valley, and a 6th grade teacher at Calexico Unified School District

David Williams - David Williams is the founder of the ITEM-Alliance of Educators, Member of the Nation of Makers Champions, and Head of Technology at the British International School of Washington, original MatterHackers Education Ambassador cohort member, and STEM teacher for over 17 years

Bill White - Bill White is a MatterHackers Education Ambassador, long-time 3D Printing advocate, and Applied Engineering & Technology Teacher at Avonworth Middle/High School with 17 years of experience

Apply to be an Education Ambassador 

Calling all 3D printing teachers - become a 3D printing ambassador! Join MatterHackers’ diverse team of 3D printing educators with the shared goal of amplifying meaningful 3D printing in the classroom. 


If you are interesting in becoming a MatterHackers Education Ambassador apply in the form linked above.