Creality3D *AS IS (FINAL SALE)* Creality3D CR-5 Pro 3D Printer

Creality has long been the tinkerer's go-to 3D printer. But now, with the CR-5 Pro, users are treated to an enclosed, elegant 3D printer. Equipped with a silent motherboard that features the ATmega2560 chip, this machine effortlessly creates your prints and fits perfectly in a stylish studio or a busy production facility. Print ABS filament with confidence in the fully enclosed frame, and take advantage of a new Bowden extruder that opens up the exciting world of flexible filament printing. The Creality CR-5 Pro 3D printer is all dressed up and ready to dance.

Please note, all AS IS purchases are final sale and are not covered under warranty or our MatterHackers Return Policy.

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  • Unit has been inspected, but not professionally tested
  • May have potential flashware issues
  • May have minor parts damaged
  • Used, average condition
  • May contain cosmetic blemishes
  • May or may not include the original packaging
  • Some nonessential items may be missing (filament, SD cards, etc.)
  • Does not include a warranty on this item

3D printers and other machines marked as "Clearance" or "AS IS/ Final Sale" in the product title are final sales and are not covered by the 30-day return policy or manufacturer warranties. 

Reason for Clearance/AS IS/Final Sale:  This item has been previously used

The CR-5 Pro is Loaded with the Features You Need

Creality didn't just design the CR-5 to look beautiful, they made sure it was loaded with important features that make succeeding at 3D printing a breeze. The CR-5 Pro's removable build plate is made from carborundum glass, which ensures your parts will stay adhered to the print surface while it's hot, and then once it cools down, the part will just pop right off, ready for retrieval. The CR-5 also comes with a redesigned Layer Cooling Fan, ensuring improved heat dissipation for an eye-catching surface finish on every print.

Creality also equipped this printer with a print recovery function, allowing you to easily pick up where you left off in the case of power fluctuations. And a Filament Runout Sensor automatically pauses printing and allows you to save those long prints where one spool of filament just won't do.

This feature-filled machine is built on the powerful foundation of a 24V, 350W MeanWell power supply, allowing the print bed and hotend to heat up quickly and efficiently to get prints started, and keep them going safely.

Tech Specs

  • Print Volume: 300mm x 225mm x 380mm (11.8" x 8.9" x 15")
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Layer Height: 0.1mm - 0.4mm
  • Max. Hotend Temp: 250 °C
  • Max. Print Bed Temp: 100 °C
  • Print Bed Material: Carborundum Glass
  • Bed Leveling: Menu-Assisted, Easy-Knob Manual Leveling
  • Printer Size: 530mm x 487mm x 710mm (20.9" x 19.2" x 28")
  • Printer weight: 32.5kg (71.7 lbs)
  • Connectivity: SD card, USB port
  • Power: 115V / 230V input; 24V, 350W output
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

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