BASF BASF Advanced Materials 4 Pack - 1.75mm

World-renowned for designing and producing materials from the most common and reliable to the most unique and cutting-edge, BASF is setting the standard for advanced filament in the additive manufacturing and 3D printing sector. MatterHackers has partnered with BASF to create a bundle that contains each of their most advanced 3D printing filaments:
•Carbon Fiber PET
•Carbon Fiber Nylon
•Glass Fiber Polypropylene
•BVOH Support Material

This 4-pack empowers you to print parts with the most advanced-tier qualities, like chemical, heat, UV and impact resistances. Make the future today, with BASF advanced materials.

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What's in the Bundle

This 4-pack includes the following:

  • 1x 750g spool of BASF PET CF
  • 1x 750g spool of BASF Black Ultrafuse PAHT CF (Carbon Fiber Nylon)
  • 1x 700g spool of BASF Black Ultrafuse PPGF 30 (Polypropylene Glass Fiber)
  • 1x 350g spool of BASF Ultrafuse BVOH Support Material

Get All the Most Powerful Materials in a Single Click

  • PET CF combines the ease of printing of PLA with the stiffness of ABS, but has been even further enhanced to have impact resistance, and high tensile strength due to the Carbon Fiber additive. PET also features very low moisture absorption, which is excellent for long term use. Finally, prints have a lovely surface finish that make ensure the material isn't just for functional prints, but also aesthetic applications as well.
  • Ultrafuse PAHT CF is a reinforced nylon filament made up of the highest-quality nylon and micro-carbon fibers, resulting in a tough filament capable of printing parts with stiffness, impact resistance, and high tensile strength. All BASF materials are engineering grade, so they're ready for huge batch production or prototype iteration. Print with PAHT CF at home or on the production floor, with the durability of nylon and the stability and rigidity of carbon fiber.
  • BASF has taken the incredible strength of Polypropylene even further by adding Glass Fiber in their incredibly powerful Ultrafuse PPGF 30 filament. Designed specifically for applications that require high rigidity, and FFF printing, this exciting material also boasts high heat resistance, UV resistance and chemical resistance.
  • By dual extruding with BVOH water-soluable support and your material, it suddenly becomes possible to overcome printing design challenges such as drastic overhangs, bridges, and multiple parts in one print. It adheres well to the bed during printing, then dissolves in water when printing is finished. Digitally fabricate the exact geometry you want from complex architecture models to multi-component assemblies and know BASF BVOH will provide the support you need to produce the best results.

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