BASF BASF Ultrafuse PRO1 PLA 4 Pack - 1.75mm

The materials experts at BASF developed PRO1 PLA to be a powerful engineering thermoplastic that's excellent for printing tools, jigs and fixtures, thanks to its better-than-ABS strength properties, but smoother-than-PLA ease of printing. And now, MatterHackers is offering an exclusive bundle of all three of their industrial colors and BVOH Support Material, so you can create multi-color prints, experiment with just the right settings, or try this amazing material for the first time, in single or dual extrusion configurations.

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What's in the Bundle

This 4-pack includes the following:

  • 1x 750g spool of Natural BASF Pro1 PLA
  • 1x 750g spool of Grey BASF Pro1 PLA
  • 1x 750g spool of Black BASF Pro1 PLA
  • 1x 350g spool of BASF Ultrafuse BVOH Support Material

PRO1 provides the features of ABS with the ease of PLA

The materials engineers at BASF know that you need the performance of a stronger plastic such as ABS, but can't always iterate the way ABS can sometimes require. That's why they developed PRO1 to perform like ABS, while still printing quickly and smoothly like a high quality PLA should.

PRO1 offers major advantages above ABS and PLA:

  • Speed: Reduce your printing time by 30% - 80%.
  • Strength: Mechanical properties that are an improvement above ABS.
  • Versatility: Can be tuned to focus on speed, strength or a gorgeous surface finish.
  • Consistency: Will perform identically between colors and batches, every time.

Print Complex Parts Using BVOH Support Material

By dual extruding with BVOH water-soluable support and your material, it suddenly becomes possible to overcome printing design challenges such as drastic overhangs, bridges, and multiple parts in one print. It adheres well to the bed during printing, then dissolves in water when printing is finished. Digitally fabricate the exact geometry you want from complex architecture models to multi-component assemblies and know BASF BVOH will provide the support you need to produce the best results.

Fastest Printing Strongest Structure Most Appealing Aesthetics
Print Temp 230 °C ± 10 °C 230 °C ± 10 °C 210 °C ± 10 °C
Print Speed 120 – 150 mm/s 120 – 150 mm/s ≤ 70 mm/s
Fill Density ≥ 20% ≥ 20% (higher = stronger) ≥ 20%
Fan Speed 100% 100% 100%
Top/Bottom Thickness 1.2 mm 1.2 mm (thicker = stronger) 1.2 mm (thicker = stronger)
Layer Height ≥ 0.1 mm ≈ 0.1 mm ≤ 0.1 (smaller = better)
Bed Temp 60 °C or non-heated bed with tape/glue 60 °C or non-heated bed with tape/glue 60 °C or non-heated bed with tape/glue
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