BCN3D BCN3D Epsilon Hotend X - 2.85mm x 0.60mm

Hotend X is BCN3D’s all-metal hotend for use in the Epsilon W27 and Epsilon W50 3D printers. It is an upgrade which the user can install to more safely and reliably print with 3D printing materials that can damage the standard BCN3D hotends, due to their brass nozzles and PTFE tubing. When you need to print using materials such as NylonX--a composite with carbon fiber in it--NylonG--which includes glass fibers--or NylonK--which is nylon and kevlar--you can install the Hotend X from BCN3D to ensure safe, effective printing of a much wider field of composite 3D printing filaments.

List Price: $199.95
Product No. M-J5J-C18X

Expand Your Printing Material Catalogue with Hotend X

The Epsilon series from BCN3D are powerful 3D printers that print with accuracy, precision and speed, all the most common filament materials such as PLA, PETG and PVA, right out of the box with their expertly designed Hotends by E3D. These hotends' brass nozzles also empower the Epsilon to seamlessly print Nylon or ABS, thanks to the enclosed frame.

There are many applications, however, that require even more robust materials with specifications and capabilities achieved by their inclusion of carbon, glass or kevlar fibers. Commonly referred to as GF or CF (for glass fiber and carbon fiber, respectively), these composite materials range from Nylon to Polypropylene to PETG, and are sometimes even seen in PLA. And these materials are abrasive. Brass nozzles can print for thousands of hours with standard, non-composite materials, but as soon as powders or fibers are added, the very act of printing wears them down and decreases the accuracy of the finely designed nozzle.

Enter the Hotend X. designed form the ground up for these abrasive materials, and with a hardened steel nozzle that can stand up to composite filler, your Epsilon 3D printer will keep up with the demands of your production, no the application.

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