BCN3D Hotend Cooling Fan - 12V

Replacement Hotend Cooling Fan for the BCN3D series of printers. This 30 x 30 x 10mm axial fan moves air across the hotend as your Sigma, Epsilon or Sigmax prints, ensuring the hotend doesn't overheat.

Manufacturer Product Number: 11034

Tagged: Cooling Fans, BCN3D and BCN3D
Product No. M-R4P-YM73
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If there is damage to your Hotend Cooling Fan, you may witness thermal runaways, or need to replace the entire hotend prematurely. For help performing the replacement, call or email MatterHackers' support staff.


Works for the following BCN 3D printers:

  • Epsilon W50
  • Epsilon W27
  • Sigma D25
  • Sigma R19
  • Sigmax R19
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