BCN3D Sigma R17 Stepper Driver Upgrade Kit

For BCN Sigma owners who want all the benefits of the upgraded R17 model, the newer components are available as stand-alone upgrades. This is the Stepper Driver Upgrade Kit, which brings more efficient power management, heat dissipation and improved accuracy. These features mean the upgraded Sigma 3D printer will be even more immune to step loss and a quieter operating machine.

Product No. M-DWJ-MV0N
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Upgrade to the latest hardware

The stepper drivers have been redesigned from the ground up with the goal to improve its performance while reducing operating sound. The new integrated circuits manage power in a much more efficient way, resulting not only in a drastic noise reduction, but also in an improvement in accuracy, resulting in much smoother surfaces. In addition, thanks to a meticulous design and thorough validation process, the new stepper drivers dissipate heat in an optimum way, increasing it's performance and cutting down the chances of suffering step loss during the printing job.

What’s in the Kit: 6x Stepper Drivers

This Kit has been designed for all the owners of a BCN3D Sigma with a serial number which last four numbers are below XXX.YYMMDD.1578

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