MatterHackers Budmen 3D Printed Face Shield

3D printed face shields are one of the easiest things you can print to assist the Maker Response Hub.

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Product No. M-CVN-W6ZA

As the Maker Community's response to COVID-19 grows, so too do the needs of healthcare workers. The Budmen 3D Printed Face Shield has been requested by multiple hospitals as their approved and ideal choice of 3D printed protective equipment. This face shield was designed for a comfortable fit with foam padding and elastic strapping, along with a deep brow to prevent any droplets from falling into the user's face. More information can be viewed on the NIH's website.

To assemble, you will need:

1 x face-shield

1 x strap-lock

1 x 0.005in thick poly sheet cut to 12in x 9in rectangles

1 x Foam Tape 3/4in x 1/2in thick, cut 9.5in long

and various tools.

Recommended Print Settings:

  • PLA or PETG
  • 0.3mm layer height
  • 10% infill
  • 4 top layers
  • 3 bottom layers

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